Elect Abiodun Bello to the NYC Council in the 16th District

For 16 years Abiodun Bello has been a dedicated advocate for education reform, serving as President of the Community Education Council in his district and as the PTA President and Vice President of the district’s Presidents Council.


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Featured Projects

A New District 16

While the City Council is the law-making body of the City of New York, in our mayor-council government, the City Council position offers the representatives unique opportunities, including access to the media, that can be used to the benefit of our respective districts. As an example, I plan on implementing a Business Giveback Project, where…

Group Tutoring Centers

Mr. Bello pledges to open Group Tutoring Centers for K – 12 throughout District 16 in the Bronx. Tutoring can help children succeed in school and provide them with increased confidence and self-esteem. In a Group Tutoring session, one tutor helps a small group of similarly situated students. This minimizes cost without compromising results. The…

Life Skills Learning Centers

In addition to Group Tutoring Centers for K – 12, Mr. Bello pledges to open Life Skills Learning Centers throughout District 16 in the Bronx.  Life Skills Learning Centers will teach adults, both young and old, the skills to achieve and maintain a high standard of living. It is no secret that maintaining and strengthening the family…

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