Group Tutoring Centers

Mr. Bello pledges to open Group Tutoring Centers for K – 12 throughout District 16 in the Bronx. Tutoring can help children succeed in school and provide them with increased confidence and self-esteem. In a Group Tutoring session, one tutor helps a small group of similarly situated students. This minimizes cost without compromising results. The key word here is, “group.” As you know, only a handful of families can afford to pay a tutor; however, if the hourly rate for that tutor is shared by a group of 8 -10 students, the rate becomes affordable.

Classes will include:

1. Math
2. Reading
3. Writing
4. Study Skills
5. College Preparation

Funding for the centers can come from our own ground-breaking funding sources and/or state or federal government money, and the sessions can be held at local community centers, government buildings, or public libraries.

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