About Abiodun Bello

Abiodun “Abby” Bello is a Democratic candidate running for the 2013 NYC Council in the 16th District.

For 16 years Abiodun Bello has been a dedicated advocate for education reform serving as President of the Community Education Council in his district, and as the PTA President, and Vice President of the district’s Presidents Council. Mr. Bello arrived in the United States from Lagos, Nigeria in search of a better education for his children. He quickly realized the failures of the local New York City school plagued by low-test scores, overcrowding, high crime rates, and poor management. Determined to ensure the success of his children, Mr. Bello set out to change the school system. Today his three children have excelled in New York City’s public schools, two are in college, the youngest, in high school, is pursing a math/science education.

A community leader, Mr. Bello advocated for education reform, which led to substantial improvements in the governance of city schools. He is a community organizer, Treasurer of Citywide Council on High Schools, and Treasurer of Community School Board District #32.

Mr. Bello’s passion is vested in the future success of our children and he will continue to fight for access to high quality education. With hard work and dedication, he plans to improve the quality of life of our families, build a stronger community and address other relevant issues such as immigration and business development.

A graduate of Howard University, Mr. Abiodun Bello received his Bachelors in Business Administration. His professional experience includes working as a New York City Tax Auditor with the Department of Finance, where he has worked for the past 25 years, and as Community Liaison for City Council Member Erik Martin Dilan for 11 years. Mr. Bello is the Chairman of the Election Committee, Local 1407, District Council 37, and is a member of AFSCME, of AFL-CIO, and a member of the Africans Political Action Committee (APAC) Board of Directors.