Please donate today to help us make a difference in our community. If elected, we guarantee real results for our children and our community. Call us at (347) 547-3031 with questions about donating to our campaign or volunteering.

Please make checks payable to the “Committee to Elect Abiodun Bello,” and mail with our contribution card (click here or Spanish here) to:

Committee to Elect Abiodun Bello
P.O. Box 520843
Bronx, NY 10452
Phone: 347-547-3031
Fax: 347-269-1261

Use the form below to make an online donation with your credit or debit card. Only the fields marked with asterisk (*) are required.

Note that the Campaign Finance Board requires employer information.

Donation limits and other guidelines:

State law prohibits making a contribution in someone else’s name, reimbursing someone for a contribution made in your name, being reimbursed for a contribution made in your name, or claiming to have made a contribution when a loan is made.

Please note that state law prohibits donations in excess of $2,750.00 by an individual donor.

In some cases, a lower contribution limit applies. The doing business contribution limit of $250 applies to the principals, owners, and senior managers of entities that do business with the City of New York. These individuals are listed in a database maintained by the City, known as the “Doing Business Database” or “DBDB”.

If a contributor has business dealings with the City as defined in the Campaign Finance Act, such contributor may contribute only up to $250 for city council. Note that a contributor is not considered to be doing business with the City simply because they pay or receive a rebate on City taxes, work for the City, are in a City pension plan, hire a lobbyist, apply for permits for a 1, 2, or 3 family home, drive a City taxi, or apply for street activity permits or other kinds of individual activities with the City.

Additionally, contributions from corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), limited liability partnerships (LLPs), and partnerships are prohibited.

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